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Saturday, October 13, 2007

CNN does their part to get Lars Vilks killed

How often does CNN have to prove that they are no more than an enemy propaganda network?

They, admittedly, use a video they receive from a terrorist group showing a sniper killing our soldiers, then offer in on their ON Demand channel.(Last link has the screen shots of that offer).

Now, they provide footage of the Safe House that Lars Vilks stays in.

Gates of Vienna explains who Lars Vilks is for those that are unaware.

CNN, ever-attentive to the “people’s right to know”, has apparently exposed the location of Lars Vilks’ safe house.

Mr. Vilks, as you may recall, is the artist behind the Modoggies, and has had a fatwa issued against him, death threats, and most notably a bounty put on his head by Al Qaeda in Iraq.

Read the whole Gates of Vienna piece.

Never let it be said that CNN isn't doing everything in their power to help terrorists kill those that offend them!!!!

Hot Air has the clip, but unlike CNN, Hot Air doesn't try to help al-Qaeda to kill people, so he is not showing said clip.

[UPDATE, 17:55 CST]

I've changed my mind on something.

I want to have credit for coining the new phrase.

I will no longer call CNN the Communist News Network. From now on, I shall call them the Caliphate News Network.

Feel free to use it, everyone, but I want it known that it was said here at Wake Up America first.