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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Light Posting Today

My son is coming to visit next week for memorial day, so posting will be light today while I shop and get things for his visit.

I can't beieve he is 24 already...god I feel old.

Consider this an open thread, leave anything you think is worth discussing in the comments and have at it.

I will check in later.

[Update] Here are a few things to start you off.

Carter blasting Bush, forgetting that it was HIS deal brokered for Clinton with North Korea that got us ALL screwed, and forgetting that HE is the one that supports terrorism, which would be the reason he doesn't like Bush, Bush is hurting Carter's friends, the terrorists.

This Guardian piece about a Comet that killed off the Cavemen.

Lets not forget that finally American reporters witness the sheer terror of rockets in Sderot.

Last but not least, Austin Bay has a good piece about Sarkozy shaking things up a bit.

Talk amongst yourselves.