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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

THIS is "To Protect and Serve?"

It's not often I find myself saying much about law enforcement abuse. It's very seldom I find myself siding with the ACLU on ANYTHING.

When a decorated war hero is attacked by law enforcement officers simply for asking questions that puts me in company with strange bedfellows. What happened to Sgt Mark England in Las Vegas goes above and beyond police abuse.

Hat tip to Beth for this one, with compliments to A Soldier's Perspective and Cat is my copilot for their postings as well.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Assault American Hero at McCarran Airport

Hat Tip again to Miss Ladybug. This is ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS treatment of an American war hero! She got the original link from Soldier's Perspective and it's a complete abuse of power by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas.

Here is the plea from SGT Mark T. & Julianna England:

We need help this week in putting pressure on the Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. and the TV station that interviewed my husband…

1) We need to flood the LVMPD with emails and calls letting them know how disgusted we are with the fact that these officers are still on the job after assaulting my husband they way they did for no reason

We can do this by ~Calling - LT. TIM ROBERTS AND DETECTIVE EVANSAT 702/828-3422 OR EMAIL THEM AT P3802E@LVMPD.COM

2) We need to continue to flood the ABC-Las Vegas station KTNV with emails and calls telling them how outraged we are by this story

We can do this by ~
Calling BEN DECI OF ABC-LAS VEGAS AT 702/871-3345 OR Emailing him at BDECI@KTNV.COM!!

Calling Polo Corona of ABC-Las Vegas at 702/871-3345 OR Emailing him at!!

Thank you again our friends for your help! The videos are below if you haven't seen them or want to pass them on!

Love you guys!
SGT Mark T. & Julianna England

Once again I find myself asking "Where is the Main Stream Media on this?" I'll tell you where. They're sitting on their asses not doing a DAMNED thing to help this soldier because he's not under the umbrella of being politically acceptable and correct to them.

So it's up to us, especially my fellow veterans. Contact the Las Vegas Police Department and demand justice for our brother in arms. I've not done this yet, because there are so many, many things out there that need to be handled, but it's time for the battle cry...


Sgt. and Mrs. England, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Once and Always, an American Fighting Man