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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Furor Over Immigration Bill Endangers It

As well it should.

I have posted on this latest bill here and here and today I am following up with some of the reactions as well as the impact those reactions are having.

One of the first headlines I noticed this morning was "Immigration Compromise Faces New Opposition" from the Washington Post.

The Senate voted last night to move forward on an overhaul of immigration laws, but even proponents of the delicate compromise proposal conceded that the furor over the deal was surpassing their expectations and endangering the plan.

This paragraph says what we need it to say, keep making those calls folks, keep sending the emails and keep up the pressure, they are feeling it and we need them to feel the fire under their feet.

How they could expect anything different or claim they are "surprised" by the furor created by offering 12 million people that deliberately entered our country ILLEGALLY, amnesty, thinking if they called it something other than amnesty it would be more palatable, is beyond comprehension.

Once again, the American people are smarter than the politicians give them credit for.

With dozens of amendments planned, traps being laid by opponents could upset the fragile coalition that drafted the measure. What's more, Senate leaders gave up hope last night that they could pass the bill this week, ensuring it will be left hanging over a week-long Memorial Day recess. That will allow the opposition to gather strength before a final vote can be scheduled next month.

Their little plan to rush this bill through so no one had the time to go through it, has failed.

Read the whole article yourself but I am going to point to one very disturbing portion of it.

One of the first Republican amendments, by Sen. James M. Inhofe (Okla.), would seek to make English the official language of the United States.

This shouldn't even have to be an amendment. This is American, our native language is English...PERIOD.

If I traveled to another country, any country, I would naturally show the respect of learning their language if I expected to stay there and communicate with the natives of that country.

This is one portion of the article that shows a fundemental problem with this type of immigration plan.

The rules should be clear, you come here legally via the front door, you follow the procedures, you learn the language and you get the life that you came here to live.

You do not come legally, you do not follow procedures and you do not bother to learn the native language of the country, then turn your ass back around and get the hell out.

It really isn't as difficult as the politicians try to make it look, they deliberatly make things appear harder so that they can con the American people, thats the bottom line.

They hope and pray we are too idiotic to look into these bills and understand the ramifications of what is being proposed.

They are wrong.

The NYT also has a piece out about the bill and the trouble it is already running in to.

“The American people were not in those meetings,” Mr. Sessions said. “There are 85 senators who have no idea what’s in the bill.”

If Senate leaders had pushed the bill to final passage in one week, Mr. Sessions said, that would have been “a railroad job, for sure.”

Mr. Vitter said the bill offered “pure unadulterated amnesty.”

“If the American people knew what was in this bill,” he said, “there would be a massive outcry against it.”

Exactly. There already is and outcry against it just from the portions we have already gone through.

I can only say that I hope Fred Thompson is right when he says that this bill will fail. Better to have to go back to the drawing board and start over than to pass something like this.

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[Update] Captain's Quarters shows us another reason why illegal immigration must be stopped, not only to protect our country but protect them themselves!!!!!

If they do not enter legally, how can our authorities keep them safe from harm?

Federal, state, and local authorities busted a sex-slavery ring here in Minneapolis last night, arresting at least 25 people and closing down eight brothels. The women involved all appear to have been illegal immigrants exploited by coyotes for their pimping business.

Go read the whole thing yourself, but it isn't just our borders that need protecting, I showed you the other day the crime rate in respect to "illegal" immigrants and what that is doing to our country, an average of 13-14 Americans are murdered daily by illegal immigrants.

So the illegal immigrants are coming here, breaking our laws, committing crimes and in some cases, the ones not committing crimes have no protection because our authorities do not know they are here.