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Thursday, May 31, 2007

In The News Today

Lazy man's

I actually have to work today (how DARE work interfere with blogging?) but a girl has got to pay the bills yanno?

I will be blogging on a few of these headlines later but for now, consider this an open thread, add what you want, comment on the headlines I am going to list or put your own in for discussion.

In the news today I see:

DeMint rips war ‘wimps’, everyone has the right to say what they want, but with rights comes responsibility, in todays world where the internet is far reaching, our politicians, especially those that are high profile, have the obligation to our country and to our troops NOT to undermine them for the world to see and if they do, then they MUST accept a certain amount of responsibility for what occurs afterward.

White House envisions "Korean model" in Iraq,we are in Germany and Japan as well, so really this is no surprise and I wonder why people are "acting" surprised.

George Will makes The Case for Conservatism, make of this what you will. Related is Michael P.F. van der Galiƫn's take on this article.

Gateway Pundit talks about Human Shields in Iraq, only not the kind we ususally see, (where Hizbullah hides behind women and children), this one is inspiring,

Jules Crittenden joins Pajamas Media, welcome Jules!!!!

Just a few things to start you off, I will be back in a bit to actually blog!!!