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Monday, May 14, 2007

Gathering of Eagles update...14MAY07

ORA Update: And Then There Were Three…

Posted: 14 May 2007 02:05 PM CDT

Only MT, WY and NE are not yet participating in Operator Recruiter Appreciation on or around May 19th. If you have friends/acquaintances in these states, or in other states with only one ORA participant (AL, AR, HI, KS, ND, SD, NM, NV, OR, RI, VT and WI), please let them know there's still time to honor our nation's recruiters!

Reflected in this most recent map we have 241 participants covering 47 states and D.C. If you would like to participate and need more information, please see the original thread here:

What is truly amazing about our participation to this point is that we have had virtually no media coverage. One MD woman was pictured in a Hagerstown publication with former MD governor Bob Ehrlich signing an ORA thank-you card. And the Times-Picayune just ran a short piece on our efforts as well:

We still have time for a media breakthrough, but even if our numbers freeze right here (they won't) ORA has been a great success! Below is a press release you may tailor and use in support of your local events. If you've been considering joining our operation, please do so now. Thank you.


Date and contact info can be changed for local release. Local releases should include specifics of time, date and location. This version was cleared by GOE's Chairman last week.

May 10, 2007

Gathering of Eagles

Contact: Kristinn Taylor


(WASHINGTON) Veterans and other patriotic Americans associated with the nonpartisan, grassroots group Gathering of Eagles will be honoring military recruiters on or about Saturday, May 19, 2007, with events at recruiting centers all across the country.

Gathering of Eagles members have announced plans to honor and thank recruiters in various ways. Most of the events will be held at recruiting centers on May 19th. Some events will be held at recruiting centers on Friday, May 18th, while other events will be held in local parks where recruiters and their families have been invited to attend picnics in their honor.

As of May 10th, over 220 recruiting centers in 46 states and the District of Columbia have been 'claimed' by volunteers who are organizing events tailored to their communities, with many more centers expected to be 'claimed' by May 19th.

Operation Recruiter Appreciation is being organized to augment Armed Forces Day by singling out for support a key part of the military that has been under assault by activists opposed to America defending herself in the global war on terror.


After Action Report - New Haven, Connecticut

Posted: 13 May 2007 04:52 PM CDT

"Today, May 13, 2007, members of THE GATHERING OF EAGLES met at the New Haven Green to counter a Mother's Day protest held by a local left-wing group protesting the war on terror and our president.

We arrived at about 12 Noon and stayed until the so-called Peace Persons left their area.

The GOE had about 8 persons who were notified on short notice to appear, while the left wing group has made it a habit to appear at this location for some time. Their attendance today was about 50 persons.

This shot shows the hippies on the right:

Upon arrival, One person who falsely claimed to be a concerned veteran and started arguments on the GOE website appeared, and true to his online statements, was an 80-year old man, claiming U.S. Navy veteran status. His name on the forum is LENZIMM.

He claimed to not be with the so-called Peace Crowd, but he was NOT with us, the very group whose forum he wrote about his plans to attend on.

While there, we were approached by several of the so-called peace people who tried to engage in debate. I personnaly refused at first, but reluctantly responded with facts which the so-called peace persons could not refute in their own defense.

This woman came to photograph one of the signs we bore:

This was the sign she wanted to photograph:

Additional photos are:

The Honor Roll in attendance today includes: Vanzorge, Questor, Adakar, NavyVet, Fernando, myself, and a family of persons who have a son now serving in the Marine Corps completing his training as a RECON Marine! OOH-RAH!"