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Friday, May 18, 2007

Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

I do not how many ways this can be said before people start "getting it".

Immigrants that come here LEGALLY are welcomed with open arms, but any person that, as their first act, commits a crime by entering our country ILLEGALLY should not be rewarded for it, because if they cannot respect the very first law of entering this country, how on earth do we expect them to respect ANY of our laws.

November of 2006 shows us one reason we need our borders closed.

A NEWSCHANNEL 5 investigation reveals what the feds don't want you to know. Suspected terrorists are hiding inside the U.S. and they got here by sneaking across the Mexican border.

What we've been reporting for more than a year has been confirmed by a government report just released. (Click here to download the report.)

The former special agent tells us the U.S. government is well aware Al Qaeda's been working hard to get a dirty bomb into the country, an explosive packed with nuclear materials small enough to carry in a suitcase.

Smugglers have been caught 300 times in the past four years trying to sneak in radioactive material, which could be used to make a dirty bomb.

That's what the International Atomic Energy Agency told the London Times last month.

But Burton says, "I think if Al Qaeda has a dirty bomb, we would have seen it by now." He says a chemical attack is more likely and the Valley could be a launching ground.

Burton says there are several specific locations in Houston, which if hit, could carry out a devastating terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

However Burton also says if Al Qaeda really does have a dirty bomb, border cities are much more vulnerable to attack, because he says terrorists don't want to get caught.

"You'd want to bring that in right across the border, and you'd want to detonate that as soon as you can," he explains.

We asked who would be at risk.

"You would look at cities such as El Paso or Brownsville," he replied.

For law enforcement, it's a very big worry, says Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez Jr.

He testified to lawmakers in Washington about the dangers of terrorists and terrorist weapons getting smuggled in through South Texas.

The sheriff tells us his biggest fear is that something could go wrong with a bomb.

"We're not prepared," he says.

The possible dangers are also a concern to U.S. Congressman Solomon Ortiz. He was among the first in Washington to sound the alarm about dangers at the border.

Ortiz says, "The biggest threat is people coming in and we don't know who they are."

The government does know terror groups like Al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah are active in Latin America. In fact, members of Hezbolla are already inside the U.S., coming in through the Mexican border.

We're also learning these Middle Easterners are changing their Islamic names to Hispanic names, buying fake documents, learning Spanish and posing as Hispanic immigrants.

Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo says there's even a training camp in Brazil teaching Middle Easterners how to blend in to the Mexican culture.

According to government intelligence, Middle Eastern aliens from countries known to harbor terrorists are smuggled to staging areas in places like Venezuela and the tri-border region between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Then they're smuggled again through Mexico and our border right into the U.S.

There's a big payoff for those who sneak them in. Mexican illegals pay smugglers an average of $2,000. Middle Easterners pay as much as thirty times that amount, up to $60,000!

"I don't think they really care who they're bringing across, as long as they get paid for it," says Texas Congressman Michael McCaul. He put out the report, which also says Islamic terrorist groups may be using Mexico as a refuge.

During our investigation, we found out a lot of people from suspicious countries are crossing right here in South Texas. Since 9/11, literally hundreds of illegal aliens have been caught here from places like Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt and Pakistan.

Federal law enforcement estimates only ten to thirty percent of illegals who cross are actually caught.

Governor Rick Perry says, "To think that international terrorists have not already exploited our border is naive."
So, there is your reason to insist the borders get closed and locked down.

Now, for those already here illegally?

Hat Tip to Take Our Country Back for this.

From the Los Angeles Times

1. 40% of all workers in LOS ANGELES COUNTY ( LA County has 10.2 million people) are working for cash and not paying taxes. This is because they are predominantly illegal immigrants working without a green card.

2. 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.

3. 75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles are illegal aliens

4. Over 2/3 of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal alien Mexicans on MediCal , whose births were paid for by taxpayers.

5. Nearly 35% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally.

6. Over 300,000 illeg al aliens in Los Angeles County are living in garages.

7. The FBI reports half of all gang members in Los Angeles are most likely illegal aliens from south of the border.

8. Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD properties are illegal.

(There are 10.2 million people in LA County )

(All of the above are from the Los Angeles Times)

Less than 2% of illegal aliens are picking our crops, but 29% are on welfare.

Over 70% of the United States ' annual population growth (and over 90% of California , Florida , and New York ) results from immigration.

29% of inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens.

We are a bunch of fools for letting this continue.



Send copies of this letter to at least two other people... 100 would be even better.


Once again, let me be clear, enter legally, we will help you, enter illegally, disrespect our laws from the second you enter our country and as far as I am concerned, someone needs to show you the door and put a boot up your ass.

Many come here legally and establish wonderful lives for themselves, as someone said (cannot remember who) KNOCK on the front door, because the back door will be closed.