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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Protest Against Baghdad Reid and Pelosi: First News


New video from youtube about Reid/Pelosi, says VOLUMES:

After searching all morning, finally we are stating to see some news about the protests against Pelosi and Baghdad Reid that were scheduled today, we told you about them here and here.



Thanks to all of you who showed up! More pictures and information coming soon!

ALL of Northern Nevada’s media outlets were there. Including Channel 8, Channel 2, Channel 4, the Nevada Appeal and several others.

Stay tuned!

[Update #1] More pictures, the news stations that were there haven't posted anything yet but as soon as they do I will bring that to you also.

New Picture on the oppose reid website:

Gotta love these guys.

More from Jim (Las Vegas photos)

Debbie Lee is the mother of the late Marc Alan Lee, the first Navy Seal killed in Iraq. Despite what happened to her son, she still believes in America's mission.

See more photos at Jim

This next man actually brought his "surrender monkey"

Move America Forward is starting to update its site with more, stay tuned.

Hundreds turn out for "Surrender is Not an Option" coordinated rallies (San Francisco, Las Vegas, Carson City).

I am waiting for them to upload the photos.

Checking the news organizations that were spotted at the protest sites, and nothing yet about the rally against Reid and Pelosi... I have started emailing the station managers to ask where the coverage is located... will update you if and when I get a response.

My email, very respectful:

I understand that reporters from your station were at the protest against Baghdad Reid and yet I cannot find the story on your site.... could you help me find the url where you are reporting on this?

Thank you for your help,

Spree @ Wake up America

Move America Forward has more pictures and video up:

Video of San Francisco Event - WITH MONKEYS! - HERE

Pictures from the Las Vegas Rally - HERE

Video from Las Vegas Event - WITH MONKEY! - HERE

Report from blogger Jim Rose - HERE

Reid Staff Closes Door in Face of Protestors - VIDEO HERE

Report from Carson City Event - HERE!

New TV Ad Rips Reid & Pelosi - WATCH HERE

San Francisco Chronicle story - HERE


Report from Carson City Event - HERE!

CBS - San Francisco Report on "Surrender Monkey" Protest - HERE

News Report from Pipeline News - HERE

WorldNetDaily: 'Surrender monkeys' protest Pelosi, Reid - HERE

Eureka Reporter: County GOP participates in Surrender is Not an Option Day - HERE

I will be updating with more as I find it in the news and pictures as they are posted, keep refreshing or keep checking back for updates.

Heading out again for a while, I will update when I get back.