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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

IBD/TIPP Poll: War Is Not Lost, And Victory Is Important

I have a newsflash for Mr. "The War is Lost" Baghdad Reid. (Hat Tip Take Our Country Back)

Their touted "majority", their lies, their approval ratings and their party has just gotten kicked in the ass and next election they will be kicked to the curb.

It has been a bad week and going to get worse.

First we have those approval ratings for Congress that are lower than President Bush's and more tellingly, with only a 29% approval rating, they are now more UNpopular than our being in Iraq.

Then we find out that Move America Forward and Oppose Reid are having protests in Las Vegas, Carson City and San Francisco, to protest Reid and Pelosi.

(ADDED)Lets not leave out the Senate here where Feingold's withdrawal bill was rejected.

To make matters worse, today Pelosi got her ass handed to her, once again, by the Republicans in a unprecendented grab for power when she tried to change the recommit parliamentary rules, rules that have been around since 1822 because she wasn't getting her own way and the Republicans stopped her in her tracks and made her...thats right!!!! SURRENDER.

Next we find out that the protest scheduled for tomorrow against Baghdad Reid and Pelosi will be led by REAL LIVE MONKEYS aka Surrender Monkeys and white flags.

If this doesn't make for a bad week, well no problem we have the endgame, the finale to this day that must feel like it won't end for the Democrats....

Investors Business Daily's new poll:

Contrary to the assessment of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, most Americans surveyed in the latest IBD/TIPP Poll do not believe the U.S. has lost the war in Iraq.

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In fact, they believe the war is winnable and that victory is important. They are not against a timetable for withdrawal, but feel stabilization of the country should come first. They also believe that conduct of war should be left to generals, not Congress, and Congress' war authorization should not be repealed.

Click the thumbnail below to see an enlarged version.

Make sure you click the picture to enlarge and get the other poll results. The MAJORITY of Americans, contrary to what the Democrats keep saying, do not agree with them.


61% of Americans feel that it is Very or somewhat important that we win in Iraq.

56% of Americans are actually hopeful that we can succeed in Iraq.

When asked "who would you like to see the President rely more on for advice on the conduct of the war" --71% said Field Commanders and 23% said Congress.

Click the picture and take a look at the numbers.

The Democrats have overplayed their hand, lied, cheated, bribed and bought votes and it has been noticed.

No worries, the day is almost over and tomorrow is a new days, the monkeys are coming to see you Dems with white flags in their hands.

I look forward to blogging about it.

Have a nice night everyone!!!