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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Supreme Court, Gay Marriage And DOMA

By Susan Duclos

Because the issues of gay marriage and DOMA before the Supreme Court are of great concern to many, but I have no legal expertise, below is linkage to others discussing it.

The best argument recap, with updates, comes from the ScotusBlog.

Other links and discussions, via Memeorandum:

CNN- Meet the woman at center of DOMA

Huffington Post- Gay Marriage Rights: The 10 Democratic Senators Who Still Say No

Wall Street Journal- A Social Experiment Without Science Behind It

Politico- DOMA on shaky ground in court

Daily Mail- PUNCHES fly as gay marriage advocates and opponents clash outside Supreme Court while landmark case is heard inside

New York Times- Justices Hears Arguments on Defense of Marriage Act

Dozens of other articles and blog posts on the topic over at Memeorandum.