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Friday, March 15, 2013

It Took Democrats Four Years To Produce A 'Budget' That Taxes More And Spends More

By Susan Duclos

Well the good news is that Senate Democrats have finally produced a budget plan after refusing to do their job for four years.

The bad news, according to the vice president of Public Policy and Communications for Americans for Limited Government, Rick Manning, is their plan is the same old tax and spend type proposal that Democrats are famous for.

“Testimony from [Budget] Committee staff clearly established that compared to current law, their alleged deficit reduction is nowhere close to $1.85 trillion, and by their own admission, is actually only about $700 billion. Removing gimmicks like the war savings accounting trick, the true deficit reduction is only around $300 billion — drastically less than the majority advertises to the nation. That is why, despite a $1.5 trillion tax increase, their budget still make no alteration to our unsustainable debt path.”

In fact, under the Senate Democratic budget, total annual outlays (spending) rise by $2.1 trillion over the next 10 years, a 61 percent increase. At the same time, taxes would go up for the 50 percent of working-age Americans who still pay them.

And they’re not talking small tax increases, but a massive $1.5 trillion. But that’s not all, because it doesn’t count $600 billion in new taxes imposed in January and the $1.1 trillion in new ObamaCare taxes slated to go into effect.

These three tax increases combined equal more money than the United States government has ever collected in a single year. And this is on top of existing taxes.

Mitch McConnell was right, the Democrat's proposal is the "most left-wing budget" of the modern era.

The most concerning part of the Democrats' budget proposal is that despite our national debt being over $16 trillion, $6 trillion accrued in just the last four years, and running $1 trillion deficits for four straight years while being on par to run another trillion dollar deficit this year, Democrats claim this is a serious budget proposal.

Took four years to produce a plan that encapsulates the "tax and spend" theme that has become associated with Democrats for decades.

It boggles the mind.