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Friday, March 08, 2013

Schall Elementary School Official Confiscates 'Insensitive' Cupcakes Decorated with Toy Soldiers

By Susan Duclos

Another segment of out-of-control school officials making decision that lack any common sense.

A Michigan elementary school official is defending the decision to confiscate a third-graders batch of homemade cupcakes because the birthday treats were decorated with plastic green Army soldiers, by lumping American soldiers into the same category as psychopathic killers, according to the father of the child that brought in the homemade cupcakes his mother had baked and decorated.

Via Todd Starnes:

Casey Fountain told Fox News that the principal of his son’s elementary school called the cupcakes “insensitive” — in light of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.
“It disgusted me,” he said. “It’s vile they lump true American heroes with psychopathic killers.”

Fountain’s wife made a batch of 30 chocolate cupcakes for their son Hunter’s classmates at Schall Elementary School in the town of Caro. The 9-year-old helped decorate the treats with plastic figurines representing World War Two soldiers.

The following morning Fountain said his wife delivered the cupcakes to the front office. The secretary complimented her on the decorations and then took the cakes to Hunter’s class.

“About 15 minutes later the school called my wife and told her the couldn’t serve the cupcakes because the soldiers had guns,” Fountain told Fox News. “My wife told them to remove the soldiers and serve the cupcakes anyway — and I believe she may have used more colorful language.”

The school complied and confiscated the soldiers — sending them home with Hunter in a bag.
“I was offended,” Fountain said. “I support our soldiers and what they stand for. These (plastic soldiers) are representations of World War Two soldiers – our greatest generation. If they aren’t allowed in our schools — who is?”

The  Principal Susan Wright issued a statement and within the statement she said:

“Living in a democratic society entails respect for opposing opinions,” she stated. “In the climate of recent events in schools we walk a delicate balance in teaching non-violence in our buildings and trying to ensure a safe, peaceful atmosphere.”

Someone should remind Ms. Wright it was our military that fought and died to protect the country and ensure this country's safety.

 Mr. Fountain is outraged as what he sees as a comparison with American soldiers to deranged mass murderers.

In our politically correct society they can’t separate the good from the bad,” he said. ”I’m sure hammers are allowed in schools — although a lot of people are killed by hammers.”
 Read the rest at Radio Fox

Contact Information: 

Schall Elementary School
325 East Frank St.
Caro, MI 48723
Phone: 989-673-3168
Fax: 989-672-4684

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