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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Heritage Elementary School In Alabama Bans 'Easter'- Updated- War On Easter Continues

By Susan Duclos

Taking political correctness into the realm of ridiculous, Heritage Elementary School In Alabama has banned the word "Easter" from their Easter activities, in order to "respect and honor everybody’s differences," says Principal Lydia Davenport.

The Easter Egg Hunt is on, but they cannot call them Easter Eggs and the hunt itself is to be called an "academic egg hunt."

The Easter Bunny can be acknowledged, but nope, cannot call it an Easter Bunny.

Parents are not happy as one email shows:

“I don’t get upset about too many things, but this upsets me. What is this world coming to? I am a Christian and proud to announce it. But even non-believers enjoy a good egg hunt. Kids need to enjoy being kids.”

Contact Information for Heritage Elementary School:

Principal: Dr. Lydia Davenport - (Email Ms. Daventport from this page)

Assistant Principal: Dr. Wendy Ricci

11775 County Line Road
Madison, AL 35758

Phone:(256) 772-2075
Fax: (256) 772-6580

[Update] The War on Easter is one:

• On March 16th, Flat Rock Elementary School in Anderson, South Carolina is holding a “Community Egg Hunt.”
West Shore School District will be holding its “PTO Egg Hunt” on March 16th.
• New York’s East Meadow Schools will be holding its “Spring Egg Hunt” on March 19.
• The Prospect Heights Public Library District in Illinois is holding its “Spring Egg Hunt” on March 26th.
• California’s Manhattan Beach Unified School District has its “Spring Egg Hunt” in late March.
• The City of Upland, California will hold its “Spring Egg Hunt” March 30.