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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Liberal Madness 2013: Vote On Nannystaters, Lib Lapdogs, Obama Mouthpieces, and Backroom Dealers

By Susan Duclos

NRCC's Liberal Madness 2013, who will win the title of the "worst liberal" in Washington DC?

Fill out your bracket, choosing from 32 of America's worst liberals -- including 13 Democrat members of Congress. Each day, we'll use your votes to pick the winners who advance into the next round, eventually becoming "America's Worst Liberal." Choose from the Nannystaters, Liberal Lapdogs, the Obama Mouthpieces, or the Backroom Dealers.

Fill out your bracket at

Video below:

Starting March 19, and continuing every day for a week, YOU can vote for America’s worst liberal in Liberal Madness 2013. The winner of the contest will receive a basketball signed by Newt Gingrich!

Go vote here.