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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The 10 Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats That Voted To Infringe On Our 2nd Amendment Rights

By Susan Duclos

An earlier piece showed Republican Senator Ted Cruz schooling Democratic gun grabbing Senate member Dianne Feinstein, via video, on the Constitution's Second Amendment rights and how they shall not be infringed.

Following that exchange the The Senate Judiciary Committee passed the gun ban along party lines, 10-8,  but it is not expected to be passed by the full Senate.

With that said, it bears noting and remembering which ten Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, voted to move Feinstein's gun ban bill through to the Senate.

The list below are the Democrats that voted to infringe upon Americans' constitutional right to bear arms in violation of the Second Amendment,

Patrick J. Leahy- Chairman, D-Vermont
Dianne Feinstein- D-California
Chuck Schumer- D-New York
Dick Durbin- D-Illinois
Sheldon Whitehouse- D-Rhode Island
Amy Klobuchar- D-Minnesota
Al Franken- D-Minnesota
Christopher A. Coons- D-Delaware
Richard Blumenthal- D-Connecticut
Mazie Hirono- D-Hawaii

Three of these Senators are up for reelection in the 2014 midterms, Al Franken, Christopher Coons and Dick Durbin.