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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Why Is Obama Hiding The 9-11 Benghazi Survivors From Congress?

By Susan Duclos

While Congress investigates the systematic failure on the part of the Obama administration in protecting the US Ambassador and other Americans in Benghazi, Libya on 9-11, which resulted in the death of the Ambassador and three others, who better to testify as to the truth of what happened than those that were present and survived the attacks?

The problem is, Barack Obama and his administration, has refused Congress access to those survivors, is in fact, hiding them from the U.S. Congress under alias names, according to Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R - UT).

"We happened to find the father of the person who was still in the hospital and without breaking any trust here but being as open and as transparent as I can, the father told me, 'If you had called in to the hospital previously you would have never of have found that person, because they changed his name on the hospital records."

More from Representative Chaffetz:

"We want talk to the survivors -- they won’t do that. And then the president has the gall to go on television and say ‘oh, we’re providing all the access’? Baloney. Bull-crap. That is not happening."

Congressman Frank Wolf (R - VA), a sub-committee chairman on the Appropriations Committee, and Congressman Jim Gerlach (R - PA), a House Ways and Means Committee member, sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry as well as a "dear colleague" letter to members of their conference discussing the wounded individuals who survived the Benghazi attack.

The Obama administration was caught in multiple lies immediately following the 9/11/12 attack and subsequent worldwide attacks on American embassies, and hiding the survivors from Congress has done nothing but create questions and distrust, as segments of the public wonder "why is Obama hiding the Benghazi survivors from Congress?"

Both letters embedded below:

Letter to Kerry