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Friday, November 05, 2010

The Case For Firing Keith Olbermann

News reports show that Keith Olbermann donated money to three Democratic candidates. NBC has rules against that and so after becoming aware of Olbermann's donations, they suspended him without pay.

The left is crying and whining about it, some on the right think he should be suspended and/or fired, while others think he shouldn't be.

I think he should be, but not for making the donations. If it is against the rules NBC has even for their cable network MSNBC, where Olbermann has his opinion show, then fine him, slap his wrist and be done with it.

The reason I think Olbermann should be fired is because his ratings stink.

NBC and MSNBC did not go into business to lose money, nor to be low on the ratings list and Olbermann might have some loyal viewers, but nowhere near the amount that say Glenn Beck or Bill O'Reilly (at the same time slot as Olbermann) does for Fox news.

By The Numbers (Source)

November 4, 2010- O'Reilly vs Olbermann

This is not a rarity, this is not a one time thing, this is consistently what it is like for MSNBC during Olbermann's time slot.

That is why I believe Keith Olbermann should be fired.

He sucks.

PS... Any channel should be accepting nothing less than at least half the viewership Fox has.