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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Noonan's Take On Obama Giving The GOP Free Gifts

Peggy Noonan has an interesting take on Obama's inability to connect with the American people and how he is the gift to the GOP that keeps on giving.


They continue to be blessed by luck. Whatever word means the opposite of snakebit, that is what the Republican party is right now. One reason they are feeling hope is that they have received two big and unexpected gifts from President Obama. The first, of course, was his political implosion—his quick descent and speedy fall into unpopularity, which shaped the outcome of the 2010 elections. At the heart of that descent was the president’s inability to understand how the majority of Americans were thinking. From the day he was sworn in he seemed to have had no practical or intuitive sense of what was on the American mind. By early 2009 they had one deep and central worry, the economy. But his central preoccupation was reforming health care. He devoted his first 18 months to it and got what he wanted, but at the price of seeming wholly out of touch with the thoughts and concerns of the American people.

This week the president gave Republicans a second unexpected gift. He reacted to the election’s outcome in a way that suggested he’s still in his own world, still seeing a reality no one else is seeing. The problem wasn’t his policies, but that he didn’t explain them well. It wasn’t health-care reform, it was his failed attempt to popularize it. His problem was that he was not political enough. He was too substantive, too serious. Americans have been under stress, and people under stress don’t think clearly, and so they couldn’t see the size of his achievements.

He sounded like a man who couldn’t see what was obvious to everyone else, and once again made his political adversaries seem, in comparison, more realistic, more clear-sighted and responsive to public opinion. And he did this while everyone was watching. Again, what a gift.

I am pretty sure everyone understands, even those that will only admit it to themselves but deny it publicly, that Democrats headed by Obama/Pelosi and Reid, handed the 2010 elections to Republicans, silver platter, gift wrapping and big bright red bow.

Republicans have work to do, they also need to make sure they talk to Americans when explaining instead of talking at them like a lecturer speaking to children to dimwitted to comprehend the complexities of what is happening in their very own lives.

As long as Obama continues to do the latter and Republicans stick with the former, Obama is bound to continue sending presents to the GOP for the next two years.

Do not get me wrong here, Democratic leadership by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were gifts to Republicans as well because the American public never has and never will appreciate a politicians telling them "we are going to do what is best for you even if you don't agree."