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Monday, November 22, 2010

Will Donald Trump Be The One To Say 'Barack, You're Fired'?

[Update 4/14/11] Donald Trump To Make Announcement On Presidency Run On Season Finale Of Celebrity Apprentice

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"I'm a Republican so if I did anything, I'd do it, I guess, as a Republican. I'm totally being serious because I can't stand what's happening to the country. First time I am being serious about it. I've been asked for years to do it. And I had no interest. This is the first time I am -- at least I'm considering it. That doesn't say I'm going to do it ... but I am seriously considering it."--- Donald Trump

In early October TIME reported that real-estate mogul Donald Trump's name had been mentioned in a New Hampshire poll that was testing names for the 2012 presidential bid and while Trump was not behind the testing of his name, he was quite interested to see what those results were and heard they were "amazing."

Trump: "Well, I have never run for president. I really like the people of New Hampshire because they're strong people, they're intelligent people, they know what's happening to this country is wrong. So I can understand why I did well in a poll. You still haven't told me what well means. I don't know. What does well mean because I haven't seen this poll?"

Chetry: "You know, they've basically said that, these sources from the call, said that these residents received in a telephone poll questions, multiple questions, some 30 questions about you when it comes to a 2012 Republican candidate. Would that be something that you would seriously consider?"

Trump: "Well it's certainly not something I've talked about or would consider but I will say this, somebody has to do something or this country is not going to be a very great country for long."

Since then speculation has run rampant and interviews with Trump have shown him to have ideas about what could strengthen America's economy, such as bringing manufacturing back to employ Americans, taxing imports to our country, China's rebuilding their economy on America's back and laughing at us at the same time, etc...

Video below, Neil Cavuto and Donald Trump "China is laughing at us"

Trump self identifies as a Republican but according to the New Hampshire poll conducted, they informed respondents that he has been known to donate to Democratic candidates as well.

"I think my whole life has sort of been about finesse when you get right down to it. I mean it's -- what running a country is, is to a certain extent we have to bring principle back and we have to also bring common sense back. We have no common sense. We have no common sense. And we're losing this country. Mark my words, if we keep going this way, we're losing this country. It will no longer be great. It's not respected to anywhere near what it used to be."-- Donald Trump (Source)

Recent news articles show that Donald Trump has stated he will probably make his decision by June 2011 on whether or not he will run for president in 2012 and could easily spend $200 million of his own money to do so.

Asked about the possibility of going up against another well known name, Sarah Palin, in 2012, Trump said "she's very interesting. And don't underestimate her. I mean, I see what she does. I would take her on. I like her, but I'd take her on."

Trump has been critical of Barack Obama's agenda as he was a frequent critic of both Bush's during their presidencies, his criticisms seem to transcend any one political party and have been offered quite candidly in the past.

"Would I rather be in the race or not be in the race? I can tell you, I love what I'm doing. I'm having a great time what I'm doing. I'd rather not be in the race. But it could be fun because I'd like to see some positive things happen for the country."-- Donald Trump (Source)

Not willing to wait for Trump to decide one way or another, there are those that are attempting to create a "grass roots" movement to convince Trump to run in 2012, creating a website called "Should Trump Run", where you can take polls, sign up for the movement, Facebook and Twitter links made available and also a link to show how to get involved with this movement.

Join me in creating a grass roots movement designed to save the greatest democracy in the world. Our country is heading down a dangerous path. I ask you to help me urge Donald Trump to throw his hat into the political ring. Our elected officials are mortgaging away our future by spending money that we do not have and in the process, creating unsustainable deficits. We need to stop the bleeding now and Donald Trump will help to heal our economic wounds. We cannot afford to allow foreign countries to take advantage of us, improve their economies and leave our citizens without jobs. Donald Trump will even out the playing field and develop a legitimate plan to reign in our massive trade deficits.

Vote Now And Join The Movement!

Interestingly enough the domain name is already registered and the site shows as being under construction.

More about Trump's life and career can be found here.

So, will Donald Trump be the person to say "Barack, You're Fired!! in 2012?