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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Michael Gerson On Panicked Progressives And Denial Of Political Reality

A must read op-ed piece by Michael Gerson detailing how progressive liberals are panicked into denying reality and are clinging to conspiracy theories of economic sabotage rather than admitting that the liberal policies the Obama administration and liberals themselves are unpopular and Republicans are offering alternative measures that are more popular.


So what is the proof of this charge? It seems to have something to do with Republicans criticizing quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve. And opposing federal spending. And, according to Benen, creating "massive economic uncertainty by vowing to gut the national health care system."

One is tempted to respond that it is $1 trillion in new debt, the prospect of higher taxes and a complicated, disruptive health-reform law that have created "massive economic uncertainty." For the purposes of this argument, however, it is sufficient to say that all these economic policy debates have two sides.

Yet this is precisely what the sabotage theorists must deny. They must assert that the case for liberal policies is so self-evident that all opposition is malevolent. But given the recent record of liberal economics, policies that seem self-evident to them now seem questionable to many. Objective conditions call for alternatives. And Republicans are advocating the conservative alternatives - monetary restraint, lower spending, lower taxes - they have embraced for 30 years.

Read the entire piece.