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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ghailani Verdict: Video Reactions, Family Of The Murdered, Politicians And Pundits

Part #1, found here, of the spectacular failure on the part of the Obama administration in their "test" case of conducting a civilian trial of a terrorist, which resulted in one conviction of conspiracy while acquitting Ahmed Ghailani on 284 other charges, including the murders of 224 innocent people.

This post is video reactions from a family member who is outraged over this miscarriage of justice and other video reactions from politicians and pundits throughout the night and this morning.

Starting with MSNBC who interviewed Edith Blakely who lost a husband and a son in the embassy bombings of 1998. She calls this a travesty.

Representative Burton Addresses the Ghailani Acquittal

Rep. Peter King on Fox News on Ghailani's acquittal:

Obama's Justice Fails: Embassy Bomber Ahmed Ghailani Not Guilty All But 1 Count

Ghailani Verdict a Blow to Department of Justice

YouTube is full of video and reactions.

To top it off, the administration defends this incompetence. I wonder if Obama will have the balls to try to defend this to Mrs. Blakely's face.


Failure Was Obama's Only Option- 1998 Terrorist Bombing Detainee Found Guilty Of One Out of 285 Charges