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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Every Day Heroes

Today's special hero is retired MWD Lex and ALL our Military Working Dogs.

Really a no-brainer for me to choose our precious K9 partners. Yesterday I told of Lex and his current challenges as he continues to serve America. You did read it, didn't you? No? Go HERE to read about Lex, and how you can now help him as he helped all our troops - especially Cpl Dusty Lee.

A purple heart hero's smile.

Cpl Dusty Lee and Lex in Iraq 2006

Gabe and Chuck - one of my favourite pictures of this pair of heroes.

Kory and Cooper - who both gave their all in service to America. As they worked together, so they fell together. The first K9 team to sacrifice all since Vietnam.

Adding another hero's name to the roll. SSgt James Ide and his partner Ddaphne:

Most of these special heroes nobody, except us privileged few, gets to hear about. Make no mistake, though. The K9's truly ARE heroes walking - and working - on the frontlines, of this Global War on Terror, protecting their partners.

The msm seems mostly unaware that heroes such as Gabe, Ddaphne, Cooper, and Lex give their hearts as they serve America. Oh and yes, many of the coalition countries also have military working dogs in their ranks.

Today, though, the msm has a story about Lex and the latest challenge he is facing. You can find the video here (since I have no idea how to download it.)

Every Day Heroes, every single day.

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