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Thursday, November 18, 2010

How About An Online Vote On Whether 'Birthornot' Couple Should Be Sterilized

Gawker reports that a Minneapolis couple, Pete and Alisha Arnold are having an online poll decide whether they abort their baby or not.

They'll have two days to make a decision before the 20th week of Alisha's pregnancy ends, and, with it, her last chance to get an abortion. The poll will influence their decision heavily, the couple said by phone this evening, but it won't be binding. "It's kind of like Congress. They might vote for something, but the president has the final veto. If it's overwhelming one way or the other, that will carry a lot more weight."

That someone would do this is almost impossible to believe, of course. We asked the Arnolds if this was some sort of a prank. "No, it's not. We are taking this very seriously," Pete replied. We then asked if this was some sort of convoluted pro-life stunt. Alisha laughed. "It's definitely not a pro-life campaign," she said. "I believe in a woman's right to choose."

My suggestion. This couple should have an online poll on whether these two idiots should be sterilized and rendered unable to ever procreate at all, and they should abide by the decision of the respondents.

How about that?

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