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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don't Touch Me There

"He can't get by us Charlie! I had my hand in his pants!"

Just in time for Thanksgiving folks, prepare to spend a bit more time being groped by your Government, at your local airport. Didn't I tell them enough in the Census? I said 2!?? (I meant balls)

Now, now. Before you get your thong in a twist, I could care less if they touch my privates. Maybe a small thrill. But let's find a line to draw. See above pics. Profiling? I say "HELL YEAH" Arguments come from all sides, as to whether or not this is "sexual assault", "protectionism", or just more Government control.

Some will argue that 911 would not have happened with this plan in place. Mayhaps so, mayhaps not. Think about this. With this plan in place, the evil just finds another open door.

My personal view? Profile the shit out of them! Grandma and my kids did not kill anyone in the last 30 years. But Islamic Extremists did. This Political Correctness sux! Correct the past TSA.

The first shot, heard 'round the World. John Tyner at a San Diego airport.

"If you touch my junk, I'm going to have you arrested."

Apparently, this little outburst cost him his flight, and a bit of cash, to the tune of $17,000.
TSA, aka, your Government, deserves a little reward, for keeping us safe and sound as we fly through the skies. I call it HUAS. Yes, Head Up Ass Syndrome is back.

In Liberty,and hoping for a cute Female TSA guard next week,
"A little more to the right."
Oops! I forgot you were there Alex. Above video is from Prison Planet. Home town of Alex Jones. Of whom I still have not heard any rebutt from Glenn Beck. There, now I am fair and balanced. Good vid BTW.