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Monday, November 22, 2010

More Evidence To Be Investigated In Maxine Waters Ethics Case

Contrary to California Democrat Maxine Waters' assertions that the delay in her ethics trial by the House ethic committee means they don't have strong enough evidence to bring her case to trial, additional evidence by way of emails have been discovered and the House ethics committee has to now investigate further.

NYT reports:

The e-mails are between Mikael Moore, Ms. Waters’s chief of staff, and members of the House Financial Services Committee, on which Ms. Waters serves. The e-mails show that Mr. Moore was actively engaged in discussing with committee members details of a bank bailout bill apparently after Ms. Waters agreed to refrain from advocating on the bank’s behalf. The bailout bill had provisions that ultimately benefited OneUnited, a minority-owned bank in which her husband, Sidney Williams, owned about $350,000 in shares.

Due to the late date, this push back of the trial date to allow for further investigation may see that her punishment, should she be found guilty of violating the ethical standards of the House, would be determined by a House of Representatives controlled by Republicans in the coming year instead of Democrats who control the House now.

This comes on the heels of New York Democrat Charles Rangel being found to have committed 11 ethical violations and is now awaiting what amounts to sentencing by the full ethics committee.


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