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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

VIDEO- Dancing With The Stars- Bristol 'The Pistol' Palin's Paso Doble Dance

One judge said she was "on fire" and really "nailed it", another called her Bristol "The pistol" and all three judges expressed how impressed they were with Bristol Palin's growth on the show. Below is the the segment before, during and after the Paso Doble dance.

Conspiracy theories are abounding about how Bristol Palin has been voted to stay in the show week after week and last night one of the odds on favorites, Brandy was voted off the show, causing comment sections across the blogosphere to explode.

America votes for their choice every week and there is no doubt that blogging fans of Bristol's are voting and encouraging their readers to vote as well as evidenced by searching around the web.

Conservative Girl with a Voice:

Remember, it is up to all of you out there!!! YOU can help her get through to next week. Make sure you watch the show and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!! While it is vital that you call 1-800-868-3407 with as many phones as you have, voting multiple times, it is just as vital that you vote online at and if AT&T is your cellular carrier, text your votes to 3407.

A Servant's Heart Conservative Blog:

Remember that there are multiple ways to vote:

A. Telephone voting begins at 8:00 p.m. Eastern and the line will be open for thirty minutes after the show has ended in your local time zone. Call 1-800-868-3407 to vote for Bristol. You may use landlines or cell phones and call up to five times per number.

B. Internet voting starts as soon as the show airs and will be open until 11:00 a.m. Eastern tomorrow. You will need to log into Dancing With The Stars main page for internet voting. There is a limit of five votes per email account this week.

C. If you are an AT&T customer, you can text your votes to 800-868-3407 using text-in code 3407. Text voting opens at the beginning of the show and will be open until 30 minutes after the show has ended in your local time zone.

Lets keep Bristol dancing until the very end!


You can call or text (AT&T customers only) until 10:30 p.m. Eastern at 800-868-3407. According to ABC, online voting at will be open until 11 a.m. Eastern the next day, but don't count on that. Do it NOW.

You get 12 votes, so take advantage of each of them. It's been two years since you've voted for a Palin. It's time; go for it!

Dance, Bristol, Dance!

While sites like Jezebel quote commenters showing voters how to game the voting system to prove some type of conspiracy theory in favor of Bristol, they ignore or do not even look for other contestant "gamers", but I did and found that some Brandy voters tried to do the very same thing.

The same type of search using keywords vote for Brandy brings up Classic Whitney forum where we see comments of Brandy voters:


I gave her most of my votes, and sent one Kyle's way(he did too well for me not to vote for him at least once). I thought Brandy got a raw deal tonight(she was 3rd, and her first performance tied Bristol's!). The judges are intent on making sure she doesn't overtake their pet, Jennifer(who is good mind you, but not better than Brandy, imo). At the very least the two women should have tied. I actually thought they should have tied for second behind Kyle, lol. --- Rosannasfriend

look lets get everyone to create different email and vote for brandy until 8 am we need her in the final look how they did lil kim last put brandy in the finals come on team whitney lets start some havoc the tea party want get this one!!!1 --- Christian33

Bottom line here is everyone on the show has their own set of fans and it is up to those voting to actually vote for their choice, if they do not, or do not take advantage of the allowable votes, then they do not have any right to piss and moan.

It won't stop them from doing so, and the amusement factor of watching conspiracy theories fly from people that are looking for them but refusing to search and see who else is doing the same thing for a different contestant, is some of the most intellectually dishonesty in a non-political setting I have ever seen.

For no other reason than to feel the heads explode across the blogosphere, below is the Week 9 Waltz by Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas.


[Update] Okay, so maybe heads aren't literally exploding but one television set became a fatality as a man went and got his shot gun and shot his TV, terrifying his wife who fled and called police.

Folks, it is a TV show, get over it.

I might even vote next week!!