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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hillary Clinton On Iran

Whether you love Hillary Clinton or hate her, she has been and always will be, one tough cookie.

Clinton spinning for Obama on Iran.

Hillary Clinton today vigorously defended President Obama’s recent overtures to Iran, insisting that the US would be in a better position to organise “crippling” international sanctions should diplomacy fail.

Giving her first congressional testimony on US foreign policy since becoming Secretary of State, Mrs Clinton said stopping Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon was one of the Obama administration’s highest priorities.

“We actually believe that by following the diplomatic path we are on, we gain credibility and influence with a number of nations who would have to participate in order to make the sanctions regime as tight and as crippling as we would want it to be,” Mrs Clinton told the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Perhaps understanding that no matter the appeasement offered by the Obama administration, Iran is going to move full steam ahead, she is looking ahead, it seems, to what the foregone conclusion will be and how the endgame will need to be played.

Will these tactics work? No. Because you can appease until the cows come home and Iran is going to continue their quest for nuclear weapons and when Obama's brand of "diplomacy (read appeasement) fails, then they will expect to have more "leverage" with other countries to deal severe "crippling" blows to Iran, via sanctions?

Clinton is working within the bounds of the Obama administration, because she does work for him after all, but I am sure she knows as well as everyone else that followed the previous rounds of sanctions on Iran, China and Russia will never agree to sanctions that will "cripple."

Good luck to Clinton on the high wire balance Obama has put her on.