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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Angry Left

Byron York at the Washington Examiner:

These should be happy times for liberals and the Democratic party as a whole. They control the White House and both houses of Congress, while opposition Republicans are leaderless and lost. So why do some Democrats, particularly those farther to the left, appear so angry?

That quote is the first paragraph and it is being used and separated from the rest because it is something we have mentioned countless times. The always seem to be angry. They lose they are angry, they win they are angry, they get their way they are angry and they don't get their way they are angry.

It is almost like they are only fully alive when they are miserable and ranting and raving.

More from York:

I asked William Anderson, a friend who is a political conservative, a medical doctor, and a lecturer in psychiatry at Harvard. "They are angry, but I think they are also scared, and I think it's because they have a sense that their triumph is a precarious one," Anderson told me. Democrats won in 2008 in some part because of the cycles of American politics; Republicans were exhausted and it was the other party's turn. Now, having won, they are unsure of how long victory will last.

The latest "rage" factor on the left, seems to stem from the tea parties held all across the country on April 15, 2009, where hundreds of thousands Americans protested Obama's spending and tax policies.

Again, the tea parties could represent a threat. What if the protesters weren't racists, weren't violent, weren't mentally defective? What if their point was legitimate, or even partly legitimate? Those are questions better batted down than answered.

Finally, there is the sense of anxiety and fragility that stems from the liberals' newly-won power. They control everything in government, and some fear what the responsibility of governing is doing to them.

Their president of hope and change has chosen not to prosecute the authors of the Bush-era "torture memos." He is escalating the war in Afghanistan. He seems determined to bail out the nation's richest bankers. For some on the left, it can be difficult to abide those actions and still maintain the image of one's self atop the moral high ground. So they lash out at the easy target presented by the tea parties.

And that is how political triumph can produce anger and unhappiness. Don't be surprised if there is much more of both in the days to come.


We see their unreasonable anger spewed on a daily basis because they often are far better at lashing out at others, rather than looking into the mirror and seeing what they have become and what their agent of change has not done.... which is produce any type of change at all.