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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nancy Pelosi's Amnesia

A must read in the Wall Street Journal, listing all the things Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, has managed to "forget."

Including, but not limited to;

**As ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, she was one of four members of Congress who were briefed by the CIA about the interrogation methods the agency was using on leading detainees;

"Unfortunately, we are not living in times in which lawyers can say no to an operation just to play it safe," said Democrat Bob Graham, chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence during the 2002 confirmation hearing of Scott Muller to be the CIA's general counsel. "We need excellent, aggressive lawyers who give sound, accurate legal advice, not lawyers who say no to an otherwise legal opinion just because it is easier to put on the brakes."

** People not asking if too much was being done, but whether enough was being done at the time;

"I asked the president whether he and the country had done enough for the war on terror," writes Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward in his book "Bush at War." "The possibility of another major attack still loomed. . . . Was it not possible that he had undermobilized given the threat and the devastation of September 11?"

**What Pelosi and other ranking members of Congress knew and when they knew it;

Read the entire piece, but I do like the concluding paragraph:

The speaker and her partisans are the current beneficiaries of this politics of amnesia. It won't be so forever. And when the time comes to pay the price for their forgetfulness, it will not be small.

I wonder if Obama is regretting the release of those memos yet.