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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Must Read: Obama Administration's Assault on the American Warrior

I will show an exceprt or two, but you have to read the entire thing.

To say Steve Schippert, at The Tank, is angry is a massive understatement.

The assault is relentless. It is enraging. And today, the Obama administration's assault on those who dare to defend America from terrorist thugs who rejoice in publicizing beheadings, mass murder, and pure evil are on notice: "You will be punished. We're coming after you."

The target audience now includes the American Warrior. The Obama administration has abdicated the Warrior's defense, refusing to appeal the 2nd Circuit's decision that more photos should be released from investigations of the detention of enemy fighters from the battlefield. The Obama administration has sided with the ACLU and abandoned our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. This cannot stand.

That is a very small snippet of his piece, grab your coffee, click the link and be prepared to become as angry as he is.

Perhaps Obama should take a look at what America wants and what Americans do not want.