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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our Dearly Beloved Foe

Most of us are aware of our foreign enemies, the Islamists, the Communists, the petty potentates. But what about our domestic enemies? Whom must we defeat on our own soil in order to save this great nation? The hardcore left? the America-haters? the Pelosis and Reids? those Hollywood swimming pool capitalist/commies? the Jane Fondas and Michael Moores? Forget it, they're beyond redemption. They're firmly committed, most often generationally committed, to the death of American style democracy and capitalism, and to the universal victory of collectivism. But despite their money and influence it wasn't the Barbra Streisands and the Sean Penns who were responsible for the Great Charlatan's victory this past November. Our real political foes, who by their inattention or gullibility are presently in the process of destroying this country, are some of the nicest people in the world. You know them well. They're your friends and neighbors, perhaps your sons and daughters. They've opened up their innocent hearts to the promise of Obama and voted for "Change we can believe in", fervently believing that our so-called Global War on Terror is nothing more than an overblown Republican ruse, another blatant attempt to accrue more right-wing power and wealth, another pointless Vietnam, that our problems with Islam began (and will hopefully have ended) with the presidency of George W. Bush. "Bush lied and thousands died", they say. And we must understand that they believe it, deeply, sincerely. Tolerance and pacifism are integral parts of their carefully constructed psyche: To achieve peace and harmony in this world, they tell us, we must lovingly embrace the Other, no matter how their mores or morals might conflict with ours. All religions are equally sacrosanct and above objective criticism (with the possible exception of certain loony fringe cults), even if they are overtly politicized. War is nothing but legalized violence, and is never, ever, the answer. Everyone and everything has rights: trees have rights, whales have rights, and enemy combatants have rights. These rights must never be abrogated or we'll lose our foundational moral integrity and sink to the level of our less-enlightened, or less privileged adversaries. Our material success is a crown of thorns -- we're weighed down by the guilty knowledge that our bounty is tainted with moral corruption and boundless greed. We've risen to our heights on the backs of the downtrodden of this world, the poor blacks and the colored peoples of this world, and we must finally admit to our inherent self-serving racism and bigotry, and try, somehow at least try, to make amends. We'll begin our national catharsis by electing a President from amongst the Other, a President who sees his role not as the leader of a great sovereign nation but rather as a citizen of the world, a President who sees America, not as a grand and glorious exception, but as just one state among many, bound by the universal laws of all the peoples of this world. Humility, not hegemony.

The celebrity activists (and our leftist MSM) have helped deliver this awful self-inflicted wound, but in the end it was the 'good people', our friends and neighbors, perhaps our sons and daughters, who went to the polls in droves and proudly cast their votes for the first black president of the United States of America, thus proving to this jaded world that we are no longer arrogant racists, and that we're willing to make amends. And it is this radiant but illusory vision of hope and promise that we must somehow brutally shatter if we are to survive the coming onslaught. There is hope and there is promise, but only if we are free and alive to achieve it.

So how do we reach these good-hearted but ill-advised liberals? How do we break through those barriers of comfortable self-righteousness? As our fellow patriot Maggie Thornton so aptly suggested, must they really be shown rather than told? Must they be subjected to multiple 9/11s before they're willing to face the truth of our imminent peril?

These good people aren't ignorant or even necessarily disinterested, they're busy, consumed in their everyday battles. They're generally optimistic: they feel that somehow things will 'work themselves out', they always do. These good people spend an average of twenty minutes a week getting their news from a leftist MSM. At the end of the day, what little time they have left they choose to spend with their families and their loved ones. They have neither the space nor the inclination in their hectic lives to study the Koran, nor to contemplate the inroads of Islam in Belgium. Yes, the good people of America are busy, busy with the business of making America great. They're what separate us from those lethargic and constantly rioting socialistic failures across the seas.

Of course the problem with this situation is that just being good isn't good enough. Being honest and hard-working and good just won't save them, and us. There were a lot of good, intelligent and industrious people in Germany in the twenties and thirties who by their inattention, by their silence, or their gullibility, allowed their country to be taken over by monsters and brought to ruin.

Our good people are just that: they're good, we're not angry with them, we love them, they're our only hope. When we write it's not to change the minds of any of those hardened far-left activists but to try to reach these decent, hard-working folks who would care if they really understood the gravity of their situation, our present situation. They're not asleep, they don't need to be "awakened", they've been awake for hours. They've already got the kids off to school and are on their way to work. No, they don't need to be awakened, but they need to be convinced, convinced that we truly are in mortal danger, that we truly are in a desperate war, a war that we absolutely must win. And somehow we must do the convincing.

Recently I got into a minor argument with a liberal friend of mine over the threat of Islam, and when I brought up the subject of CAIR my friend said that he'd never heard of them. This is what we're up against. This is an example of the shallowness of their cognizance. This is why we must continue this fight, no matter how hopeless it may seem. For we are one of the only avenues of truth out there and our fellow citizens are in dire need of truth and education. This is why our words matter, why our tireless research has meaning. This isn't some egocentric form of pedantic arrogance, it's simply a matter of life and death. - rg

Note: Some of the above thoughts and phrases were lifted from an earlier Radarsite article titled "The Good People".