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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Obama Appealing Detainee Ruling- Far Left Feeling Betrayed by Obama

More news today on the Obama administration filing an appeal against a ruling of the courts, regarding Afghanistan detainees and asking District Judge John Bates not to proceed with the habeas-corpus cases of three detainees in Afghanistan.

The Obama administration said Friday that it would appeal a district court ruling that granted some military prisoners in Afghanistan the right to file lawsuits seeking their release. The decision signaled that the administration was not backing down in its effort to maintain the power to imprison terrorism suspects for extended periods without judicial oversight.

As expected, this action from the Obama administration, has some members of the far far left chomping at the bit, feeling betrayed and reminding Obama of his very own words, which contradict his actions today.

Salon writer, Glenn Greenwald, shows Obama's very own words, from a previous statement as well as another statement given on the floor of the Senate, both in direct contradiction of Obama's actions now that he is President.

So that Barack Obama -- the one trying to convince Democrats to make him their nominee and then their President -- said that abducting people and imprisoning them without charges was (a) un-American; (b) tyrannical; (c) unnecessary to fight Terrorism; (d) a potent means for stoking anti-Americanism and fueling Terrorism; (e) a means of endangering captured American troops, Americans traveling abroad and Americans generally; and (f) a violent betrayal of core, centuries-old Western principles of justice. But today's Barack Obama, safely ensconced in the White House, fights tooth and nail to preserve his power to do exactly that.

I have often said, what a person does during his campaign or before taking the office of President, is based on their knowledge at the time and once they do take office, they must face the realities of the situation despite their prior statements and convictions.

So, while I am not going to criticize the actions of the Obama administration in filing this appeal, the contrast shown over at Salon between Obama's very own statements and quotes, with the actions he is taking today, is a firm reminder, one I hope Greenwald and others like him that are now feeling so betrayed, will remember when the next elections come along.

Obama lied to get into office. Obama said what the far left wanted to hear so they would support his campaign and elect him. Obama played them and they fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

Somehow I doubt they will remember though.