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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Do You Feel Safer?

Boehner, Hoekstra Release Web Video Asking “Do You Feel Safer?”

Video below:

The Politico reports the video is causing blowback.

Boehner's website highlights the release of the video above stating:

Congressman John Boehner (R-OH) and Intelligence Committee Ranking Republican Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) released a web video highlighting the Administration’s lack of a comprehensive strategy to confront and fight the terrorist threat. The web video underscores why the American people are growing more worried about the Administration’s political decisions on national security – including closing a terrorist detention camp with no plan for where to put the terrorists and selectively releasing information on interrogation programs. Boehner and Hoekstra released the following joint statement on the web video, which is available here.

“Over the last 100 days, it has become clear that the Administration has no comprehensive plan to confront the threat from radical jihadists. From the decision to close a terrorist detention camp with no plan for what to do with the terrorists housed there to the decision to selectively release information about interrogation programs, the Administration’s policies have been driven by politics, not by an overarching strategy to protect our nation. On day 101 of this Administration, the American people are beginning to ask some serious questions about what Democrats in Washington are doing to keep America safe. Republicans want to work with the White House and Democrats in Congress to protect our nation, but the Administration first must make a commitment to a comprehensive plan to fight the terrorist threat. So far, we haven’t seen that.”

NOTE: A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC poll showed that a majority of Americans oppose the Administration’s political decision to selectively release memos detailing advanced interrogation techniques used on terrorists and oppose the President’s plan to close a terrorist detention facility with no plan for what to do with the terrorists housed there.

I do not have a problem with the GOP hitting Obama and the Democrats on national security, the latest actions from the obama administration regarding the memos, was not popular with 58 percent of Americans saying they endangered the country.

I do think Boehner, Hoekstra and others should also hammer home the spending, the budget, the bailouts, the waste and the earmarks aka pork, slammed against the American people.

Not just one front, but take the fight to them on all fronts.