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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Unemployment Continues To Rise

Unemployment rose in 46 states in March and 12 of those states listed their unemployment numbers at higher than the 8.5 percent the Government released in it's numbers earlier this month.

California is being hit hard and their unemployment numbers are at 11.7 percent, which according to the chief economist for California's finance department, Howard Roth, the state hasn't seen such high numbers since 1941.

California lost 62,100 jobs in March, with Florida next at 51,900 jobs lost, Texas at 47,100 and North Carolina at 41,300, according to the federal figures.

California, the nation's most-populous state, has been hit particularly hard by the housing-market crash. That led to major job losses in the construction and financial industries. "We did it bigger in terms of the housing bubble," Mr. Roth said. "You pay for that by falling farther."

WSJ, linked above, offers a visual (Click link for enlarged picture and a breakdown state by state: