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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bill Clinton's Foreign Money

The Politico and the AP both report Bill Clinton drew in $5.7 million in 2008 and the majority of it came from foreign sources, such as the National Bank of Kuwait, Hong Kong’s Hybrid Kenetic Automotive Holdings and a Malaysian foundation to name just a few.

Even more interesting, is the tidbit that Clinton brought in nearly $2.1 million from foreign sources, just since the news hit the waves about Hillary Clinton being in line for Secretary of State.

In the last nine months of 2008, Bill Clinton made at least $150,000-a-pop speaking to groups in some of the very places where his wife now will now represent American diplomacy, from India to Kuwait to China to Malaysia. In fact, the latter three speaking stops came in the last month-and-a-half of the year, as the Clinton and Obama camps were hammering out the agreement under which President Obama ultimately offered Hillary Clinton the job as top diplomat.

From the AP's piece, we find out how much of that $5.7 million came from foreign sources:

The documents obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press show that $4.6 million of the former president's reported $5.7 million in 2008 honoraria came from foreign sources, including Kuwait's national bank, other firms and groups in Canada, Germany, India, Malaysia, Mexico and Portugal and a Hong Kong-based company that spent $100,000 on federal lobbying last year.

That piece also lists specific places that paid him such fees.

Conflict of interest here folks?

You decide.