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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another War Started....... On Salt

Ridiculous item of the day, NYC Mayor Bloomberg wants another "war on" (insert whatever here) and his new war is on salt.

Singer Jimmy Buffett will never find his "lost shaker of salt" in New York City or any other place in the country if Mayor Michael Bloomberg has his way. The mayor is waging a war on salt and he wants food manufacturers and restaurants to join his army … or else.

Can we say nanny state anyone?

Well yes, we can, in fact some already have:

"Nanny state. We don't need any more nanny state people can take care of themselves. We don't need the government to take care of us," said Patrick Keenan of Hell's Kitchen.

The plan is to reduce salt content in different food items, instead of letting people make the decision for themselves what to eat and when and if they prefer the saltier side of life.

I am sure Bloomberg, or his constituents, could find a better way to spend taxpayer money than an idiotic "war on salt."

This has been your ridiculous item of the day and now back to regularly scheduled programming...........