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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Quick Links On Obama

Late start today so in running through some of the news out there, I found a few interesting tidbits.

The White House website has changed the website address and has been revamped.

The White House Blog "The Briefing Room" is up and running with a few posts up already.

Robert Gibbs will be President Obama's new Press Secretary, via The Politico, they have questions they would like seen asked of Gibbs.

Shares in the biggest names in American banking plunged Tuesday, this is a problem Obama's team hasn't figured out how to deal with yet according to the New York Times.

While people celebrated in America and across the word on inauguration day, others were busy rioting, such as Iran where protesters burnt posters of U.S. President Barack Obama and waved flags in support of Gaza.

Obama is seeking to halt legal proceedings at Gitmo.

Last but never least, the far far left, as evidenced by Firedoglake, always has something to complain about with a post called "Worst. Inauguration. Ever."

Some folks just do not know what the word happy means and are incapable of being so.

Happy reading....