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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

UN Holocaust Remembrance Day Marked With Anti-Semitism

Today the United Nations, an  organization  has done much to add fuel to the Anti-Semitic fire it the world Celebrated its Annual UN Holocaust Remembrance Day. As today is the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

As is Par for the course at the UN, the original host was to be an Jew-hater, UN General Assembly President Miguel "I don't hate all Jews Just the Israeli Ones" d'Escoto Brockmann .

At the last minute Brockmann skipped the world body's ceremony marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day, because American Jewish leaders threatened to demonstratively exit Tuesday's if he used the podium to attack Israel (Brockmann can't help himself).

Some countries marked the day with appropriate ceremonies: 

Survivors, Polish government officials and foreign diplomats placed flowers and wreaths at camp monuments. More than one million people - most of them Jews - died in Auschwitz gas chambers, or through disease, forced labor or starvation.

Germany marked the day with a special session of parliament, where President Horst Koehler praised young Germans for seeking to learn about their country's wartime history as well as Holocaust victims.

Italian lawmakers in Rome observed a moment of silence. Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi then urged teachers and students to use the day to advocate the values of peaceful coexistence.
But then there are those "Other Places" the ones who deny the Holocaust or those who try do de-legitimize the Jewish State by accusing it of perpetuating another Holocaust. Read all about those "rememberences" by clicking here.