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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Senate Democrats Options Regarding Roland Burris

Washington Post's The Fix, asked some political operatives for some options available to the Senate Democrats in regards to Roland Burris, who was appointed by Rod Blagojevich, to replace Barack Obama as the junior senator from Illinois.

Those political operatives came up with four separate possibilities on what Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats could do, including standing firm on their previous threats to not seat anyone that Blagojevich appointed,simply bowing down and ending the fight that has started, cutting a deal or having a special election.

You can read the four options for yourself, but I will put the one I think has the est chance of coming to pass, because legally, Blagojevich had the right to appoint Burris and that is the bottom line that will be judged should this go much further.

2. Bow out (gracefully): The fight simply isn't worth it. Reid is better served by giving up his opposition now rather than let the Burris imbroglio bleed over into the first 100 days of the Obama Administration when the economic stimulus (among many other things) is expected to move through Capitol Hill. While Reid et al. are no doubt worried that Burris would be badly imperiled politically in 2010 due to the way he came into office, there is an argument to be made that voters have short memories and if Burris doesn't embarrass himself or his party -- neither of which is likely -- he would be in strong position to win a full term.

Yesterday's refusal to seat Burris citing that his credentials were "not in order," is a temporary delay tactic, but Burris is not backing down on the legality of his appointment, so the Senate Dem s are going to have to bite the bullet soon.

[Update] Two conflicting reports are out, one CBS News saying Burris will get the seat and one at The Politico saying Reid aides deny the first report.