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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Campaign Promises versus Reality

Am article from the New York Times, titled "Obama Seeks Accord With Military on Iraq", tells of the balance Barack Obama is trying to find between his campaign promises which everyone knew he could not keep, yet they voted for him anyway, and the realities on the ground in Iraq and as his advisers and military commanders are now pointing out to him.

Which, just as we predicted, has him altering his so-called promises to match his new reality, and this has some far far lefties, a tad annoyed.

Since taking office last week, Mr. Obama has recommitted to ending the war in Iraq but not to his specific campaign pledge to pull out roughly one combat brigade a month for the first 16 months of his presidency. His top commander in Iraq has proposed a slower start to the withdrawal, warning of the dangers of drawing down too quickly.

On Wednesday, Mr. Obama visited the Pentagon for the first time since becoming president, and he seemed to be looking for an option that would let him stay true to his campaign promise, at least in theory, without alienating the generals. The White House indicated that Mr. Obama was open to alternatives to his 16-month time frame and emphasized that security was an important factor in his decision.

As the far left points out, his credibility is on the line with them, considering they never could wrap their heads around the fact that credibility and doing what is right for everyone involved can equal two very different answers.

Obama also has a lot of credibility at stake over this. He said during the campaign that he wanted to withdraw within 16 months, and while there's a lot of room to fudge there, he still needs to show that he's serious about that. It may end up being 24 months instead of 16, and the residual force he leaves behind may end up comprising tens of thousands of troops, but he still needs to start. He needs to show the world that his word is good.

So, bottom line for them is that if Obama does what is he thinks is "right" for the country, for Iraq and for the stability of the Middle East by keeping troops there longer than he "promised", then he holds no credibility if he has had to adjust his promises with reality.....BUT according to them, if Obama keeps his word from the campaign trail and forgets about anything else, like National Security, safety, saving lives, etc..., well then he is a credible type of guy!!!

Any wonder why conservatives sometimes think the far far left has lost their grip on sanity?