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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Rockets Hit Israel From Lebanon

Attacks on Israel are now coming from two fronts. Israel is actively engaged with their operation to stem the flow of rocket attacks against their civilian population from Hamas in Gaza and now news comes out that two Katyushas have been fired from Lebanon.

A Katyusha barrage was fired Thursday at the Nahariya area in the Western Galilee. Police reported that two people were lightly wounded and evacuated to the local hospital. Five other residents were treated for shock.

Police sappers received reports of at least two rocket hits: One rocket directly hit a nursing home in Nahariya and the other landed in the town's vicinity.

The IDF Spokesman in the GOC Northern Command said Thursday that "the rocket fire on the Western Galilee was carried out by Palestinian elements in Lebanon, wishing to drag Israel into war.

"Israel holds the Lebanese government and its army responsible for thwarting any fire on Israel."

More from another Ynet story on Northern Israel's preparations.

The New York Times says there were at least three rockets sent over from Lebanon.

Last piece of reading for this one, "Israel acts because the world won't defend it", from Times Online, it is a good piece.