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Monday, February 05, 2007

The War of Resolutions Continues

While a Wapo article touts that the Resolution Against Adding Troops Is Set for a Showdown, I opened my email to find a response from one of my many emails, phone calls and faxes, from John McCain, also providing a link to the PDF of McCain and company's separate resolution.

The email which I am sure everyone that sent in their emails opposing any resolutions that would demoralize our troops or encourage our enemies, received states as follows:

Thank you for recently contacting my Presidential Exploratory Committee regarding the debate currently underway in the United States Senate about the war in Iraq. Last Thursday, Senators Joe Lieberman, Lindsey Graham, John Cornyn, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Pete Domenici, John Thune, Orrin Hatch, Pat Roberts, and I announced plans to introduce a Senate resolution calling on Congress to provide our troops the necessary support that would allow General Petraeus to carry out the mission in Iraq.

I am, and always have been, a strong supporter of our mission in Iraq. This resolution fully supports providing our fighting men and women the resources they need to carry out their mission in Iraq. Congress should never falter in ensuring that our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines have everything necessary for success.

This resolution avoids sending an inappropriate message to our troops. Other resolutions would suggest that Congress believes the mission is wrong and unlikely to be successful. This is simply inconsistent with the unanimous vote the Senate gave General Petreaus and with the Congress' continued funding of the very mission other resolutions condemn.

Our resolution includes eleven specific benchmarks for the Iraqi government and requires that Iraqis demonstrate visible progress is being made toward political and economic stability.

By laying out these benchmarks for the Iraqis and calling on them to achieve these goals, and by resolving to provide General Petraeus and his troops with all the resources they believe are necessary to carry out their mission, this resolution frames what we believe to be the best possible path forward in Iraq.

If you would like to read the resolution, please visit this page. I hope you will agree with me that it is a clear sign of support for our troops and for our mission's success.

Thank you again for contacting me about this important issue. Please continue to keep our brave fighting men and women in your prayers.

John McCain

If it is a matter of the lesser of two evils, at least this resolution does not encourage the enemy nor demoralize our troops. It does not tell our troops that we have no confidence in their ability to acheive success.

Hugh Hewitt is listing the seven Republicans up for re-election in 2008 and listed by the Post as supporting or undecided on Levin-Warner and suggesting we continue to contact them and make ourselves heard.

Here are the numbers Hewitt is listing:

Senator Lamar Alexander (TN): (202) 224-4944

Senator Norm Coleman (MN): (202) 224-5641

Senator Susan Collins (ME): (202) 224-2523

Senator Lisa Murkowski (AK): (202) 224-6665

Senator Gordon Smith (OR): (202) 224-3753

Senator John Sununu (NH): (202) 224-2841

Senator John Warner (VA): (202) 224-2023

CALL and make it clear to each of them that they will not be voted for, they will not get a dime in contributions and we will do everything in our power to see to it they do not get reelected if they choose to support any resolution that harms the mission in any way, shape or form.

By the way... have YOU signed the pledge yet? If not... it only takes a second so head on over and SIGN. 32,000+ have signed it so far.