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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Will Democrats EVER Learn?

The retreat in defeat Caucus, the Democrats, once again are trying to play political games with our troops lives, but the Republican Minority leader is ready, willing and able to spank Harry Reid once again.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) warned yesterday that a new Democratic effort to repeal the 2002 Iraq war resolution would meet the same fate as two previous efforts to limit President Bush's authority: blocked by procedural obstacles, unless Democrats relent to GOP terms.

The last two times that Harry Reid tried to force the retreat in defeat resolutions through senate without full debate on all the resolutions offered, he got his ass kicked and here is, trying again.... goes to show, some people just never learn.

McConnell predicted he could muster Republican support to block the measure, unless Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) allows a vote on a nonbinding GOP measure to guarantee troop funding.

A showdown over both measures could come as early as next week. Reid has signaled that Iraq-related amendments may be offered to an upcoming homeland security bill. "It's a bit of a cat-and-mouse game," a senior Democratic Senate aide said.

Cat and mouse game....exactly. The Democrats keep playing games and in doing so, they keep adding upon the danger our troops are in.

Political games are more imporant to the likes of Harry Reid than our soldiers lives are.

Once again proving to the American people and others across the world how inept and incompetent the Democrats are when it comes to our national security.

Democratic architects of the new initiative, including Reid, Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Joseph R. Biden Jr. (Del.) and Armed Services Chairman Carl M. Levin (Mich.), have argued that the 2002 authorization is no longer valid, because the intent was to destroy weapons of mass destruction -- which were never found -- and if necessary to depose Saddam Hussein, who has since been captured, tried and executed.

Levin and Durbin obviously haven't read the resoluton giving the President authority or they would have seen that one of the major points, as I showed yesterday was:

7. America's national security interests in restoring peace and stability to the Persian Gulf

Full text of resolution can be found on my piece from yesterday.

"If the Senate doesn't support the mission in Iraq, it has only one option, and that's to decide whether or not to fund that mission," McConnell said. "That's our constitutional role, and we shouldn't drag this into the morass of Democratic presidential primary politics."

Exactly Mr. McConnell, but if they did that, it would simply prove what we have been saying about them this whole time....they are cowards and weak on national security.

I do not think the Republicans need to do much to prepare for the 2008 elections, with the infighting, the resolutions declaring defeat while we are seeing success in Iraq and their unique ability to shove BOTH feet into their mouth at once....they will do what they have done in the past...implode from the inside and better yet, they will do it for all the world to see.

So, in answer to my question from the title of this piece, will the Democrtas ever learn?

It doesn't look like it, does it?

They wonder why they are known as the party of defeat? All they have to do is go back and reread their own words to answer that question.

They are seen that way, because they ARE the party of retreat in defeat.

Once again, McConnell is going to have to bitchslap Harry Reid in front of the world....I sorta envy him at the moment.