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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ignoring what you do not want to hear

I do not want to hear it, therefore you cannot make me.

That seems to be the prevailing mindset among the liberal left of our great country. I asked you yesterday what you cared about, my answer was in the piece I penned.

This is what I care about. Weapons. Made in Iran. Killing our soldiers.

Now we also have weapons made in Austria, exported to Iran, killing our soldiers.... I also care about you?

We also showed you previously that information has shown that the deadliest bomb being used in Iraq against our soldiers and coalition members has come from Iran.

Now, from the Telegraph from the UK, we have what Captain's Quarters calls the smoking gun...literally.

This is a The Steyr HS50 is a long range, high precision rifle, made in Austria, exported to Iran and within 45 days of the first HS50 Steyr Mannlicher rifles arriving in Iran, an American officer in an armoured vehicle was shot dead by an Iraqi insurgent using the weapon.

The find is the latest in a series of discoveries that indicate that Teheran is providing support to Iraq's Shia insurgents.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, yesterday denied that Iran had supplied weapons to Iraqi insurgents. But on Sunday US officials in Baghdad displayed a range of weapons they claimed had originated in Iran.

They said 170 American and British soldiers had been killed by such weapons.

The discovery of the sniper rifles will further encourage those in Washington who want to see Iran's uranium-enriching facilities destroyed before a nuclear weapon is produced.

The Foreign Office expressed "serious concerns" over the sale of the rifles last year and Britain protested to the Austrian government.

A Foreign Office spokesman said last night: "Although we did make our worries known the sale unfortunately went ahead and now the potential that these weapons could fall into the wrong hands appears to have happened."

The rifle can pierce all body armour from up to a mile and penetrate armoured Humvee troop carriers.

It is highly accurate and fires a round called an armour piercing incendiary, a bullet that the Iranians manufacture.

The National Iranian Police Organisation bought the rifles allegedly to use them against drug smugglers in an £8 million order placed with Steyr in 2005.

The company was given permission to export them by the Austrian government, which is not a Nato member.

We can close our eyes and refuse to acknowledge the part that Iran is playing in Iraq, but that doesn't make it go away. It only encourages Iran to continue providing weapons to insurgents to kill our military members.

From Captain Ed:

Pardon the pun, but this is literally the smoking gun. We can trace these weapons from its manufacturer directly to the Iranian government. The quantity in which they have been found in insurgent bases precludes any explanation that a few just got mislaid; they obviously have been transferred from an Iranian state organization to the terrorists in Iraq. It's the clearest evidence of Iranian involvement in attacks on Americans. The involvement of the mullahcracy is undeniable, and it is a direct retort to those who keep claiming that Iran has no stake in Iraqi instability.

From Jules Crittenden:

I want to be fair to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, especially now that he’s all peacelovedove, and everyone’s getting nervous about the prospect of blowing his Israel-off-the-map-wiping, Holocaust-denying, terrorism-financing, chaos-spreading, U.S. soldier-murdering ass up.

Fron Instapundit:

This has been obvious for a long time anyway, and I don't understand why the Bush Administration has been so slow to respond. Nor do I think that high-profile diplomacy, or an invasion, is an appropriate response. We should be responding quietly, killing radical mullahs and iranian atomic scientists, supporting the simmering insurgencies within Iran, putting the mullahs' expat business interests out of business, etc. Basically, stepping on the Iranians' toes hard enough to make them reconsider their not-so-covert war against us in Iraq. And we should have been doing this since the summer 2003. But as far as I can tell, we've done nothing along these lines.

The reaction on the left side of the blogosphere is more conspiracy theories and denial.

Huffington Post asks, who will stop an attack on Iran.... I ask them: Why do you not ask, who will stop Iran from providing weapons that are KILLING OUR SOLDIERS??????

Why aren't our soldiers lives more important to YOU? Why would you rather protect Iran from retaliation?

Providing the weapons for killing our military and coalition forces in Iraq is AN ACT OF WAR.... or are you too uneducated to understand what is and what is not an act of war?

Then again, what do you expect from people that have the exact same talking points, almost word for word as Ayman al Zawahiri, the second in command in the al-Qaeda terrorist group. (Hat Tip to Iowa Voice)

We have a problem here and burying your head in the sand and refusing to deal with reality will do nothing more but cost more brave men and women their lives.

The question remains... what do we do about Iran? How do we put a stop to his interference and hindrance to our efforts to stabilize Iraq?

Talk amongst yourselves.

[UPDATE] More about these issues in two must read pieces from Faultline USA and Right Truth.

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