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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Tides a Turnin'

Last night I pointed to part of an article written by Iraq the Model where he tells us that families are returning to Baghdad and encouraging other families that fled the violence to come back.

Al-Hurra TV aired a report on the story and interviewed some of the returning Baghdadis, one man said “those who returned earlier and saw the change in the situation called us and encouraged us to return, and I too will encourage the rest to come back”. The report showed those families asking the army to stay and not abandon their neighborhood, and showed the officer in charge giving his number to the locals so that they can contact him directly in case of emergency.

The Iraqi's are seeing a change.

The Iraqi's are also seeing al-Qaeda weakened and dying in Iraq.

Right Truth has more about our successes against al-Qaeda.

Al-Sadr is being targeted and hiding in fear for his life. In case anyone out there feels some sympathy for this man, remember he is the leader of the Mahdi Army:

Muqtada Sadr office bombarded

BAGHDAD, Feb 20 (KUNA) -- A joint force of the Iraqi Army and US troops Tuesday bombarded the office of Shiite leader Muqtada Al-Sadr in Al-Shula area, west of Baghdad, a security source told KUNA.

The source said some 14 military vehicles are now surrounding the office and Iraqi and US soldiers could be seen confiscating material and documents.

Muqtada Al-Sadr himself is out of the country over fears for his safety.

Finally, all militias are being targeted is a show by the al-Maliki government, that this security crackdown will be handled even handedly.... all militias are being targeted.

Our military forces are also seeing some successes, in fact, quite a few of them on a daily basis.

Our Troops and the coalition forces are out there fighting and winning and the battle at home starts to heat up even more and we are also seeing some changes here that shows the "tides a turnin'."

Our active military is using the DoD Directive 1325.6 and DoD Directive 7050.6.

TITLE: DoD Directive 7050.6, "Military Whistleblower Protection", June 23, 2000

SUMMARY: This Directive:

* Reissues reference (a) to update policy and responsibilities for military whistleblower protection under Section 1034 of reference (b), and expand coverage under Section 1034 of reference (b) to reprisal allegations submitted by members of the Armed Forces to the Inspector General, Department of Defense (IG, DoD), and to the Inspectors General (IGs) within the Military Departments.
* Supersedes reference (c).

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The Military's message:

As an American currently serving my nation in uniform, I respectfully urge my political leaders in Congress to fully support our mission in Iraq and halt any calls for retreat. I also respectfully urge my political leaders to actively oppose media efforts which embolden my enemy while demoralizing American support at home. The War in Iraq is a necessary and just effort to bring freedom to the Middle East and protect America from further attack.

If you are active duty, reservist or national guard, please Sign this Appeal.

Most service members fully support the war in Iraq and feel calls to retreat by Congress and attacks by our media on our conduct and mission act to motivate our enemy while demoralizing our support at home, directly increasing the threat we face and resulting in greater American casualties. This Appeal for Redress provides a way in which individual service members can appeal to Congress to fully support us and actively oppose media attacks on our mission and our morale.

It is called the Appeal to Courage. Something our members of congress need to find again, if they ever had it..... Courage.

If congress and the senate want to know what they can do for our military, maybe they should ask them what they need.... a little courage and some moral support. That is all they are asking, for all they do for us, it isn't much to ask for in return.

Yep, the tide is, indeed, a turnin'

On another front we have the Victory Caucus, which I proudly joined the day it launched.

In less than a week, well over 3,400 people have joined and has created a momentum of its own, for those that are intent on victory over defeat.

Head on over, take a look and join if you haven't already.... I predict that we will be a force to be reckoned with in future elections.

Thanks to N.Z. Bear and the other board of Governors, like, Hugh Hewitt, Dean Bartlett, Austen Bay, Matthew Currier Burden, Frank Gaffney, Ed Morrisey, Publius and Joe Gish, for starting this group and for declaring that we want success and will accept nothing less and that we will hold any White Flag Republicans accountable and will not support any GOP candidate that does not stand for victory.

If they wish to vote for defeat, they will be defeated in their next elections.... they want defeat so bad, we will give it to them.

We also see a few of the major media outlets criticizing, rightly so, plans such as Murtha's to "slow bleed" our military.

The American people are also starting to wake up an notice that the issue isn't all about Iraq, it is a war on terror that we are in and to not see victory will mean seeing more terror attacks on our soil.

The Democratic lies that have been spread from liberal to liberal are being exposed and recent polls and surveys show that more and more Americans are seeing success in Iraq is important and they are not prepared to give in to the defeatists of todays world.

From the WSJ, Opinion Journal:

Iraq is unpopular, but embracing defeat may prove politically disastrous for Democrats.

In mid-January an Associated Press-Ipsos poll found that public support for President Bush's troop surge increased to 35%, up from 26% a few weeks earlier. The same poll found that a slim majority of Americans were against the war in Iraq, but 68% said they opposed shutting off funds to fight it, and 60% said they would oppose Congress's withholding funds necessary to send additional troops.

The poll was not an anomaly. Hillary Clinton and her chief strategist, Mark Penn, himself a former pollster, know how to read public opinion surveys. Which may explain why she steadfastly refuses to "apologize" for voting to authorize the war in 2002 while also calling for Mr. Bush to end the war before he leaves office and favoring a nonbinding Senate resolution opposing an "escalation." The war may not be popular, but the public isn't ready to support losing either.

Read the rest...

Perhaps one of the most telling signs of the tide turning is the stalemate in the senate, not once but twice where Harry Reid was not allowed to steamroll his way to closing the debate on Iraq....the majority of the GOP stood up and demanded a "full" debate and filibustered any attempt by Harry Reid to limit this important discussion.

Harry Reid is now being seen as the coward he is for not being willing to fully debate Iraq.

The tides a turnin' and the wind is blowing in the direction of success.

I will leave you with this wonderful piece from the Center for Security Policy.

In time of war, the line between dissent and treachery blurs. Members of Congress have a responsiblity not to cross it.

Well said.