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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Update, Good and Bad News From Iraq

Iraq the Model, which I check every day because I find no better way to find the truth of what is happening in Iraq, than from someone living there, well, they have a wonderful piece up today called "Operation Baghdad: Week II."

It's been less than two weeks since the Baghdad operation was officially launched. This period, though short, has been full of events; both good and bad ones.

Here we are not in a rush to judge the operation unlike some media or politicians who seek anything they can use to serve their agendas. We, Baghdadis, only want this operation to succeed and we still have some patience to show.

Go...Read....are you still here?


Done? Good.

Progress is being made in Iraq, security is better, deaths rates are down, 600 families have already returned and this is only week two with the new security operation.

So...for the question of the day.... why are the Democrats still trying to oppose this new plan when it is seeing success?

Talk amongst yourselves.