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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Place your bets, who will take out Iran's nuclear sites?

Originally posted at Right Truth

Six leading world powers are meeting in London today to discuss the possibility of imposing tougher sanctions on Iran, but does Iran care? Nope. Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced yesterday that 'Tehran's nuclear program is unstoppable and as an exclamation point, Iran fired a rocket into space.

The rocket 'soared to the edge of space was intended for research', according to Iran. Just what 'research' that would be still needs explaining.

Iran initially announced that it had launched a "space rocket" on Sunday. But the deputy head of Iran's Space Research Center, Ali Akbar Golrou, later in the day clarified that the rocket did not reach orbit level and was carrying a research package.

He said the rocket was built to soar to a maximum altitude of 93 miles. Space is considered to begin at 60 miles. Ham radio satellites - the lowest flying satellites - orbit between 100-300 miles, while communication, weather and global-positioning satellites fly between 250-12,000 miles up. (Forbes)

As usual, the United States wants 'measures that will bite into the Iranian economy, but Russia and China are more reluctant to impose such severe sanctions.' Vice President Cheney said all options were still on the table, while the French say we don't really mean it.

Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad described Iran's nuclear program as unstoppable, comparing it to a train with "no break and no reverse gear."

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice replied to the hard-line Iranian president's comments within hours. She took up the image suggested by Ahmadinejad of a machine running out of control.

"They don't need a reverse gear, they need a stop button," Rice said. "They need to stop enriching and reprocessing [uranium], and then we can sit down and talk about whatever is on Iran's mind." (Radio Free Europe)

Is it just me, or is Condi Rice sounding a little weak these days? Iran is going full steam ahead on their nuclear program, more like a bullet train, and the world seems to be standing up against Iran like a, well, wet noodle. Israel on the other hand seems to be making plans to attack Iran.

Israel denied reports that it asked the United States for permission to overfly Iraq during any attack on Iran’s nuclear sites. Maybe.

Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper on Saturday quoted an unnamed Israeli defense official as saying that Jerusalem is in talks with Washington over creating a safe “air corridor” for the eventuality of Israeli bombing runs against Iranian targets.

The report was denied by Israeli Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh, who suggested that it was concocted by Western nations keen to avoid the measures necessary for reining in Iran’s nuclear program through diplomacy. (JTA)

Oh, snap! Now that's a slap at the West and perhaps a well deserved slap. If I had to put money down, I would bet on Israel taking action before I would the United States. Our politicians can't get together and agree on anything these days. Their heads would probably explode if President George W. Bush ordered a military take down of Iran's nuclear sites. Somehow I think a majority of Israelis would be united on such action.

WND says, "Iran is anticipating a U.S. or Israeli military strike on its nuclear facilities and has been providing Palestinian terrorists and other regional allies with contingency plans for attacks against the Jewish state and American regional interests in the event of war, according to Palestinian terrorist leaders." If true, and I have no doubt that it isn't, this is something we should be preparing for.

"The Zionists and the Americans are coordinated 100 percent. It doesn't matter who attacks Iran, we are planning to hit them both," said the Islamic Jihad leader, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he said the topic was "very sensitive." [snip]

The Brigades is the declared military wing of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah Party. [snip]

"We are preparing the tomb that Allah is digging for the Zionists and Americans," said the Committees leader.

The bottom line is it doesn't matter whether Israel or America takes out Iran's nuclear sites, both will be blamed, both will be targeted, but Israel will receive the worst reaction.

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