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Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Surge and a Possible Purge

In a Fox Report there is an investigation to find out whether two Iraqi Generals are "suspected" of being part of the attack that killed five American soldiers.

Several Iraqis have been detained for questioning in the ongoing investigation of at least two senior Iraqi generals suspected of involvement in an insurgent attack that killed five American soldiers on Jan. 20, U.S. officials told FOX News on Thursday.

Which goes to show that along with the surge, the counterinsugency tactics that will now be used as part of the new strategy the administration announced, and the other elements of this new strategy, there also needs to be a purge in the elements of the Iraqi forces that would aid in such an attack..... This is said with the understanding that they are being questioned, but as of now, it is all speculation.

If true, it is no surprise because it has been said all along that weeding must be done in the Iraqi forces to assure that everyone IS on the same side.

For people making a big deal about this non surprising developement, perhaps they should also recognize that these people that are being suspected ARE being questioned and IF it proves true that they were involved......then I have no doubt appropriate action will be taken against these individuals.

Acting like this will not be punished if proven accurate is being deliberately dishonest because until #1. it is proven and #2 we see how al-Maliki deals with the is all speculation.

(NOTE: Please excuse the light postings today. After a surgical procedure, stitches, pain and pain meds, I am a little slow . I would also like to thank FaultLine USA and Right Truth for stepping in and crossposting here yesterday, it is appreciated greatly.)