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Monday, February 19, 2007

Iran Fakes Photo's and LA Times Spreads Them

Little Green Footballs once again debunks photos, this time from Iran. The LA Times runs with the photo's anyway.

From the LA Times piece:

TEHRAN — Bullet cartridges bearing a U.S. insignia and English lettering were among the weaponry seized last week from Sunni militants suspected of killing 11 members of Shiite-dominated Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard, Iranian officials said Sunday.

A photo of the cartridge box, along with an array of other ammunition, was published by Iranian newspapers and news agencies.

Iran did not provide access to the weapons and explosives, drawing skepticism from analysts, and there was no way of evaluating the claims independently. But Tehran is clearly worried that the U.S. is quietly helping Iranian opposition groups foment instability, even while the Bush administration is confronting Iran over its nuclear program and accusing it of arming Shiite militants in Iraq.

Personally I hope we ARE helping Iranian opposition groups, it beats the hell out of bombing Iran and killing innocent civilians, that for the most part, hate their leaders.

I have often said that a regime change, forced by the Iranians themselves, is the best answer to the problem of Iran and that lunatic Ahmadinejad and his "supreme leader".

From LGF:

They include this picture, a screen capture from Iranian TV:

It’s pretty clear that this is the same arrangement of objects as in the doctored photo that was published at Iran’s Fars News:

Comparing the two images gives us even more proof that the Fars News image was altered—if we needed any more to recognize such an obvious fraud. Notice that the AK47 in the LA Times image has been photoshopped out of existence in the bottom image, although you can still see the remnant of its strap and handle. It’s incredibly sloppy work.

It is beginning to look like we were right this whole time, the LA Times, along with quite a few others in the mainstream media have no problem spreading enemy propaganda, even when it is so obviously altered and fake. news is also reporting that Iran "fakes" US Photos.

But an American blogger was quick to point out that the image has been manipulated. Little Green Footballs, the weblog of Charles Johnson, who was the first to call attention to manipulated photos by Reuters during the Lebanon war , said his readers tipped him off "to a blatant Photoshop fraud in an article claiming to have discovered US weapons in Iran."

Confederate Yankee states:

Is it reasonable for the photo editors of national news organizations to do some rudimentary checking to make sure pictures they publish aren't crudely PhotoShopped propaganda? You would think so, as that would seem to cut to the heart of their job responsibilities these days where image manipulation is now available to the masses.

It seems reasonable that if a news organization is going to run a picture of a certain building that they might want to take steps to make sure that is the building pictured, and so it seems reasonable that if they are going to run pictures from a foreign regime purporting to contain U.S. bullets and munitions, that they would do some basic fact checking to see if the bullets are in the correct packaging, and perhaps they should check to see if the grenades in the photo aren't Russian.

It isn't rocket science to check pictures for fauxtography, but it apparently eludes the best minds that the L.A. Times has to offer.

Gateway Pundit shows that the alleged Iranian Bomber from last weeks attack has been convicted and hanged.... guess they were in a rush huh?

I wonder where all the so called humanitarians and human rights people that made such a fuss over Iraq hanging Saddam are and why they are not crying out about such a speedy "trial and conviction" and public hanging?

Once again, I will say, I hope we are helping Iranian opposition the long run, that will save the US and Israel the trouble of dealing with a nuclear Ahmadinejad.