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Friday, February 16, 2007

A Hard Right Punch--- Michelle Malkin

I often read Michelle Malkin's website, she has a great sense of humor and a wonderful writing style.

Has she written things I disagree with occasionally? Yes. I am sure I have written things she would disagree with.

We are on the same side nonetheless.... Victory.

We do not walk in lockstep, spouting a "party line" and this is a good thing. People can be on the same side and not agree on every point and not attack each other because we have the ability to think for ourselves.

With that said, I saw an article from Wapo about Michelle called " A Hard Right Punch"

Michelle Malkin has seen her head electronically grafted onto a photo of a bikini-clad body.

She had to cancel a Berkeley book signing in the face of 200 shouting protesters.

YouTube banned one of her videos. And she felt compelled to move after critics posted online her Gaithersburg area address and pictures of her home.

Clearly, this is a woman who arouses strong emotions.

"They'll ridicule my looks, ridicule my ethnicity, go after my family," the 36-year-old blogger says of her critics. "They've attacked my husband relentlessly. There's a strong sexist strain among my liberal critics, who think it isn't possible I could have gotten anywhere without my Svengali husband, or some white man, embedding ideas in my head."

Make no mistake, though: This daughter of Filipino immigrants plays pretty rough herself. Whether on her blog, her Internet talk show or her Fox News appearances, Malkin delights in sticking her finger in the eye of the liberal establishment. And she is convinced that her detractors don't play fair.

"Particularly when you're a minority conservative," she says, "you get a lot of ugly, hysterical, unhinged attacks, because you're challenging so many liberal myths about what people of color should think."

The article goes on to show some of the harrassment she has had to deal with. It also shows she has the courage of her convictions, one example is her bravery in going TO Iraq to see for herself and interview people there.

Like the rest of us on the side of victory, she fights hard and takes her licks. She does not whine and play the "they pick on me because I am a woman" card.

I find those that go after her hard to be jealous of the fact that she is able to get exposure and to also expose media bias about the news coming out of Iraq.

She also does not let harrassment stop her from fighting for what she believes in:

After a few liberal sites posted her home address and phone numbers last year, Malkin received a wave of harassing calls. She responded with a defiant post, headlined "I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU." Malkin and her family have moved elsewhere in Maryland.

"No one likes to receive the kind of attacks she gets," Preston says. "She has had to take some security precautions to make sure it doesn't rise to the level of threatening her family."

All in all, without having met her, I find I like her spunk, her commitment and her unrelenting criticism of those that deserve it so richly.

Those that try to intimidate Michelle should know, when you deliver a hard right punch to her, she doesn't crumble, she punches back and usually, from what I have seen, HER punch is a knockout beware.

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